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Why is, works similar to crowdfunding sites. If you wish to host a tournament and not enough people show up to your event, you end up facing massive loss. But with, you scope out the tournament first, let people from all over the town join your tournament. If specific amount of teams failed to join the tournament, the tournament gets canceled but if the required number of teams participate in your tournament,you are ready to host the tournament. This ensures that tournament won’t end up stacking loss in income, plus let team participate online. We provide every team with specific date and timing, brackets are made on the site to increase transparency, teams are provided with demos and statistics of their match via FTP server, no stacking up of teams on venue, no extra handlers. We manage everything online and on venue, all you need is to host the tournament.


I don’t have revenue to host the tournament?

You don’t need revenue to host the tournament, if you wish to host the tournament just submit your proposal and we will publish it. All you need to do is promote your tournament, if specific amount of teams join up your tournament, you have enough revenue to host your tournament and provide cash prize to the winner. With all you need is to submit your proposal we do the rest of the work.

How Teams are allotted game time and how are brackets made?

Teams are allotted game timings, based on round limit allotted by host. Total time of event is calculated based on the round limit and splitted among the number of teams participating in event, and timings are allotted based on the total time of event. Brackets are made using standard rule of single elimination, however host can request to change the bracket rule.

Profit of hosting on

  1. Transparency of bracket : No cheating or sense of misunderstanding among teams and host.
  2. Professional Outlook : Demos and statistics are provided via FTP server, user can download these demos and analyze their game play
  3. No stacking up of teams : Teams are allotted times, Host can relax on managing a team. If team show up on specified team they play get their timings of next match on site, if they don’t they get eliminated. No providing different room or staff to manage team.
  4. Online Participation : Teams can participate online and enter your tournament, no running with tons of excel sheet or notepads for registration.
  5. NO LOSS : No loss, if your campaign fail to accumulate the amount of teams required to satisfy your prize pool and profit, tournament gets cancelled.
  6. Sponsor : Your tournament is out on the web, we make sure sponsors take a look at your tournament.

Why do you operate only in Mumbai?

We are happy to join hands with you, but currently we are only operating in Mumbai. If you are interested to bring in your town please contact us, we would be happy to host custom tournament campaign.

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